I finally got my sad attempt at a garden going a couple days ago. As it’s a late start, I bought sprouted plants and put them in pots. Yes, a more dedicated and organized gardener would call me lazy, foolish, and horrible for using mass-grown, pre-sprouted plants. But hey: I’m short on indoor plant space, I’m really short on outdoor plant space, and at least I am trying to grow something myself, instead of only consuming. More importantly, some moveable, low-fuss veggies and herbs are just the thing to make me smile whenever I walk past.

From left to right, I have zucchini squash (“heirloom Black Beauty”), sweet basil (“Genovese”), and curled parsley. I ended up with a lot of extra potting soil, so I may get a tomato plant so I will have more fruits (or vegetables) of my labor to share. Now to find some good organic compost.




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