Big Hero 6 — A Tiny Review

Baymax is cute and cuddly. All the tech is interesting and well-featured. The girly girl character is smart, blonde, loves chemistry, and has a bubble-themed suit. She blends what would be the stereotypically sweet and brainless character with actual intelligence. (Her bubbly enthusiasm reminds me of how others see me often, actually.) The animation is gorgeous, and the technology to make it quite impressive. (Check out an article of what was involved.) For that alone, I’ll give the animators a pass for having an extended flying scene that served little plot purpose, but showed off the landscape well. The biggest thing, though?


I have for a while now. I first got my 3D printer partially because I wanted to have a self-replicating machine so I could make more and command an army of them. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in a Disney universe. I’d probably unintentionally end up a supervillain.

Also, Hiro has a McMaster-Carr catalog in his room. I cracked up at that.


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