Dress Your Books in Lace

I’ve been on a tatting binge lately lately. It’s simple, fairly compact, and highly portable. I can do simpler patterns while at a bar or while listening to a book, which makes it a great way to keep my hands busy.

The first project I did while listening to an old classmate perform at a bar. As I had not yet learned to do split rings, I thought a continuous string of it would help me get the feel. While not the best example, mine came out well enough that I think I am getting the feel for it.

Project number two was a simple pattern I found through Pinterest. Tatting patterns are often represented visually, with a small diagram and numbers, which makes working from a picture incredibly easy. This one was also repetitive and expandable, meaning I could follow the same pattern repeatedly until it was the length I wanted without needing to constantly consult the pattern. This makes for a great bookmark.The pattern was chosen to help me practice my picots, those little loops all along the outside of the bookmark. Mine still aren’t quite the right size, and they’re nowhere near even, but they’re improving.

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As a commenter on my last tatting post added, tatting is addictive! It’s definitely my hobby of the moment (of the several I’m actively working on). So you can expect more little loops that look like your grandmother’s lace soon.

The pin to the specific pattern I followed for the bookmark is here: http://pin.it/nqdFYaJ
For a good introduction to split rings, check out this tutorial: https://tatsaway.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-to-make-split-ring.html


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