An Incomplete Miscellany

You knew this day was coming. Today, I don’t have anything completed to show you all. I don’t have a tech project, review, or craft finished at all. I have been busy, though! It’s just that most of the things I’ve started are longer projects that have taken quite a bit of time already and still aren’t finished. On top of that, it’s spring! I’ve been outside more, taking long romantic walks with my husband (while playing GPS games) and generally basking in the better weather. I’ve also been reading more books and magazines. Some of my previous projects require maintenance, too. So, while I don’t have one finished thing to show you, I can give you several glimpses of progress and potential.

My seedlings are doing well! I’ve thinned most of the kohlrabi sprouts (which make for a tasty garnish) and will need to thin the zucchini soon. Everything except the parsley has sprouted. I can’t say I’m surprised at that, as I soaked, dried, re-soaked, re-dried, and re-re-soaked the seeds before planting them. Time to try the next batch.

Baby plants! Yay!!!

In other garden news, I finally replanted the spider plant I’ve had for a couple years. I didn’t realize quite how much it had outgrown its former home. It had somehow moved all the dirt to the top of the pot and (I swear) eaten the rest. It’s much happier now, I suspect. It’s easier to keep watered, anyway.

Lastly, the bamboo I planted a while back is miraculously still alive. I may need to revise my continued statements that I have a brown thumb.

Papercraft has been on the back burner lately. In December, I was working hard on the first papercraft I ever tried, but didn’t complete: an Egyptian mummy. I soon realized why I never finished it: So. Many. Curved. Surfaces. After the first section, I was so frustrated that it’s been put on the shelf, literally, since then. I will finish it someday – at least I got farther than when I tried it as a kid.

Beautiful shape, but man, the feet and that curved lid are a pain to get right.

I tried one other papercraft, from Star Wars, but the pieces require gluing two already-cut pieces back-to-back while every edge must line up perfectly. It’s also tiny. I’m not going to finish this model, so it’s missing several pieces in this picture. I do like the design and the tininess, and I would love to revisit it someday.


Lastly, lacemaking! I’ve been tatting up a storm recently. I just happened to have picked a pattern with several rounds to complete. I’ve made lots of progress, but it’ll take quite a while to finish yet. Here’s a small preview!

Don’t mind the cat hair. It’s endemic in this household.

And there you have it! A small update on some of the little things I’ve been doing. Happy Thursday!


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