Uri and Neo Would Be Proud

My husband and I have a tiny kitchen. It’s oddly laid out, lacking in functional storage space. Because of this, we don’t have room for a tabletop banana hook or fancy fruit basket. To preserve the bananas and our countertop space, I thought to create a hook for the bananas under the cabinets.

My first thought was to use a picture hanging hook. Unfortunately, the ones we had handy were too small to hold more than a string, let alone a bunch of bananas. Here’s where my hoarding and my husband came together for a burst of inspiration.

Most of our assorted flatware was scavenged from auctions or garage sales. In a thoroughly misguided attempt to clean a large batch of it all of it at once, I left it soaking in bleach in our sink. (Pro tip: Don’t do that.) While many pieces were salvageable, a few were a little too, shall we say, weathered to be used. Feeling crafty, I’ve held onto them for some unknown future project. Everyone needs some unintentionally antiqued flatware for a future craft, right?

Take it away, handsome husband!

In combination, a screw eye hook, a split key ring, and a bent spoon make for a great banana hook!The wide bowl of the spoon can’t slip through the ring, keeping it stable. Plus, it looks all antique and fancy.

Have you made any interesting projects from bent silverware? I have several pieces left that could use a project.


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