Pavilion Spring and Autumn Pavilions

Cute little building, isn’t it? Slightly more structurally sound than some of my other papercraft buildings. 

The most challenging bit of this piece was the finial. To make the two interlocking pieces two-sided requires four printed pieces. Lining them up and cutting each half perfectly is difficult. Last time I tried a two-sided it turned out very badly. Cutting both sides first almost guarantees that the cuts won’t line up (especially with tiny things). Gluing first is difficult because the pieces may not line up at all. This time I cut out the bottom bit and top edge first, to help line them up, then glued and finished cutting the middle. 

As with other buildings by this designer, this one really needs tabs. Gluing the edge of a paper to a perpendicular face is difficult to do cleanly. I greatly prefer my papercraft to have tabs.


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