Costuming for Beginners

So, you’ve decided to do a giant project! Where do you start? 

I have no idea. 

I’ve had a whole mess of self-doubt, anxiety, and confusion about trying to start this costume. It’s bad. I don’t know how to make a costume from pictures and my drawing skills are crap, so the first step of creating a pattern has felt nearly impossible.

So I’ve been yak shaving.

I took pictures (with help from my husband) of me holding a ruler to create a scale for the project.  Here’s the pin for that idea.

I also (again with help) made a dress form of myself using plastic wrap, duct tape, fiber fill, and some cardboard. I don’t recommend trying this on a hot summer day or you may need to rush to keep from getting heat stroke, causing smooshed boobs and poor adhesion in the process. I think this one may count as a Pinterest fail, but it’s so much cheaper than a real form (~$10 total) that it will do for now. 

Not so great for self esteem to see your body this way. 
Yay, Pinterest.

I also found decent shoes to use as a base for the boots at a thrift shop. 

That’s all I’ve managed to accomplish so far. I fail. 


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