St. Basil’s Cathedral

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

With all my other projects, I’ve still had time to work on a longer-term papercraft lately. It’s been the largest and most involved architectural papercraft I have ever done: St.Basil’s Cathedral in Russia! Happily, the project has gone smoothly and I am pleased with the final result. 

I remembered to color the most visible edges this time to help make up for any visible raw edges or areas where the papers don’t quite fit the perfect way the designer planned. This greatly improves the final appearance of the model. I did a tiny bit of rearranging to make the towers match the actual building instead of the plans, which had a couple of them swapped. I also rotated the cross finials on top to match reality. To show that off, I planned to rotate the finished piece relative to the base so the label sat on an adjacent side and the crosses would face forward still. Unfortunately, the base isn’t quite square so that brilliant idea didn’t work. Oh well. This is still my favorite finished papercraft.

St. Basil’s Cathedral from Canon Papercraft:

Made with 28 lb. paper.

Maybe the fancier version will be a project someday.




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