Globe and Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat (left) and the Globe Theater

These two were quite satisfying little architectural papercraft.

I printed, scored, cut, folded, and glued the Angkor Wat model in an afternoon. It’s small, but the lines were straight and the model easy to build. Several little pieces, too! Most pieces glued together into a small closed volume do this is a very structurally sound model. So many papercraft (especially the cool ones) take so much time and effort to make right that having a straightforward model like this one is a welcome change of pace.

The assembly of the Globe didn’t go as smoothly or as properly curved as I would have liked. The roof didn’t line up right or have a perfect angle because I listened to someone online instead of trusting my gut on the order of assembly. If I’m starting to have my own strong opinions on the best way to put things together, I’m well on my way to being an elitist. Yay?

Both these models were constructed using 28 lb paper. The Angkor Wat model is available from

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is also from


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