Himeji Castle or: Why I Am Not an Architect

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Himeji Castle is a famous building , so it isn’t surprising that several different papercraft versions of this castle are available. This is one of the simplest, and therefore a better starting point for me. According to PaperCraftSquare, this is “version 2”.

Despite its simplicity, the tiny pieces gave me some trouble. The tiny points sticking up at the top of the building didn’t line up right. Each side of each layer of the roof was at least one separate piece, with the curved sections being a second. Everything was really small. Despite the time and effort that went into this model, it isn’t my best work. Some projects end up being rather discouraging.

This model was finished in early December of 2016. It is made available here: https://kids.gakken.co.jp/craft/papercraft/sekai03.html


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