Totally Rad-ish Decorating

Several hours into looking at Pinterest’s wealth of ideas for cute foods, I was overcome with the urge to make cute food. Since I found several ways to use radishes, with their dual coloring, to make adorable accents, I thought I would start with those. Just radishes and a knife to make cute food. I even made Spicy Radish Leaf Furikake with the leaves so nothing went to waste! Some of these may be Pinterest successes, and others… Well, I’ll let you be the judge after seeing the results.

Project 1: Mushrooms


This simple radish is easy to make, yet looks so cute when it...:




Not too bad! Getting nice round circles cut out of the red layer is a lot more difficult than their picture indicates.

Project 2: Mice

Two sets of inspiration for this:

A la PinkCuisine on adore les radis mais en petite souris:
Squee! These radish mice make a cheese plate almost too cute to consume. #party #noms:




The mouse on the left has funny ears, while the mouse on the right couldn’t keep his ears on. I think I need some sort of edible glue to make those stay in for any length of time. I also didn’t try for eyes, though black sesame seeds would work well.

Project 3: Bug





My thoughts while making this:

You have to cut a lot deeper to get to the white than it looks like in these pictures. 

How do they do this with a paring knife without cutting their fingers?

Do I have some woodcarving tools upstairs? Would that make this easier?

How on earth do they get such perfect circles? Do they use a straw?

Project 4: Rose


Cute Food For Kids?: Food Art: 30 Edible Flower Ideas:

Drumroll please!




I have no idea how they held those together. It looked sort of ok before there were too many petals and I had to stop holding it in place. Toothpicks weren’t enough to hold it together. Pinterest fail!!!



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