Chartres Cathedral

This week’s project is a simple papercraft of the Chartres Cathedral. I wanted something simple and portable to work on at the library’s biweekly crafting meetup.  It was a pretty quiet affair, with only two others for the first hour and a third for the last portion. The other crafters worked on embroidery, scrapbooking, and sewing, making for a diverse group of interests. 

It’s tough to tell in these pictures, but the bottom edge flares out in all directions, so the cathedral doesn’t sit flat. This is because the roof isn’t quite level and pulls the walls out. 

Most challenging about this model is its general lack of tabs between sections.  This made aligning the pieces difficult and gluing them even more so, hence the strange roof and wonky shape. The towers got pile of glue under inner edges in hopes that it would stick the two pieces together without showing the blob of glue. 

This papercraft can be found here:


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